Oct 262011


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Didn’t you wonder what happened to the entwives? Weren’t you sorry we never got inside Barad-dur? And what would have happened if Tom Bombadil had tangled with Sauron? Well, Yark doesn’t exactly give us the answers, but it comes close. And if you thought Tom Bombadil was weird, he’s nothing compared to Tim Bimbottom…in fact nothing is comparable to Tim Bimbottom! Yark is How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, starring a…well, Yark…who takes down the Dark Lord. And it’s as weird and creepy and hilarious as you’d expect if Samurai Cat met Zorachus met The Lord of the Rings. A great book…complete with illustrations…including a parade of Oakenwives marching down a tower inside the evil bastion.