Aug 172021

I found out more than a year later, but Mark has passed away in Feb. 2014.  It was not unusual to go for long periods without communications between us and I was concerned, but not enough to contact his family directly, and then I found this:

I will keep this website up as long as I am able but I have had no contact with his family and may be forced to shutdown without notice.

It was a pleasure working with him on all his and later Infinity Publishing titles.  We never finished his last work or got all his Samurai Cat series back in print and I will always regret that.  Mark insisted on high standards and was very firm on how his books were edited and presented.   When I was able to publish the older Samurai Cat books, we could not do the interior color pages well enough for sale.  The technology to do so became available after I was no longer able to make regular trips to the print shop and we never produced a new edition of the older books.  We continued to produce b/w interior books but never produced the full color editions we wanted.  I always tried to do the best I could for Mark and I hope it made a positive impact on his life.

Though I was unable to attend his Holiday parties or get together at any conventions for the last half dozen or so, years of his life, I wish that I had been able.  I will always remember how great Mark was at telling stories and it was always one of the high points of any meeting with him.  

He will be missed,